IT Solutions

Meetings and events are becoming ever more dependent on good IT solutions. What’s more, the capabilities offered by IT are continuing to grow. Many companies want an online presence during an event, or clients wish to make presentations live from their own laptop or computer.

Do you want to meet all the needs and requirements of your clients? This requires a good permanent system and often temporary solutions as well. Thanks to the years of experience we have behind us, we are specialists in IT solutions. We would be delighted to share our expertise with you.

Make your venue appealing to the new generation

Events are organised at your venue for a range of purposes: from conferences to business meetings and press conferences. Additionally, technical solutions are becoming increasingly important.

A good example of making events visible online is webcasting. With webcasting, images and sound are captured and can either be broadcast live online or uploaded afterwards. Digital signage for venues is also important. This system offers you the ability to fill, modify or remove the content on all screens in a network from a single place. The system allows you to share all the information you want to show. Digital signage creates maximum contact with your guests.

We are very pleased with our cooperation with ACS. ACS works as a part of our Conference & Events team and really adds value by providing a one stop shop for event planners.

Femke Groeneveld-Weller

Director of Business Development
Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Innovative technology

Many of the IT solutions we offer were built around the needs of our clients by our own specialists. We know the systems through and through and we are able to respond quickly to changing needs. We have the best in-house IT specialists, whose innovative solutions can help towards your success.

Unlimited flexibility

We adapt our solutions completely to your requirements. If you want to facilitate video conferences, enable electronic voting or equip your room with translation and interpreting systems, then that is no problem for us: we can adapt everything to your specific needs and deliver a bespoke IT solutions.

ACS guarantees quality

We have more than 35 years of experience at home and abroad, making us a leader in the industry. Thanks to so many years of experience and extensive know-how, we can guarantee professionalism, quality and service.

ACS, a versatile partner

As a venue you want your clients to be satisfied. ACS understands this like no other. Our knowledge and expertise is particularly valuable in achieving this. Where necessary, we collaborate with specialist partners so that we can provide you with an even better service. In terms of providing you with support for your clients, no one is a more versatile partner than ACS.

Organizing an event succesfully?

Are you looking for an audiovisual partner who can take all your worries off your hands? Contact one of our specialists directly.