Venue consulting

Would you like to get even more out of the rooms at your venue? Do you want to make your venue even more appealing to clients? The experience relies on the right audio-visual technology. ACS has years of experience in supplying complete audio-visual solutions for events of any size or scale. We can make your venue suitable for any event. With our experience and advice you can provide your clients with an even better service.

ACS makes your venue even more appealing

Venues are used to organise a range of events, such as annual meetings, exhibitions, conferences, product presentations and festive gatherings. In order to run these events successfully, it is vital to have the right equipment and audio-visual equipment. ACS provides advice so that each venue can be turned into a space in which all essential technology is geared to match the type of event.  This way your venue becomes even more appealing to your clients.

We will make sure that delegates feel comfortable in your room. We will turn your space into a harmonious environment, where delegates will feel at ease whatever the event. Our high quality equipment ensures maximum delegate participation. Thanks to ACS’s advice, you can be sure that your venues will have been properly arranged and that you have the latest technology at your disposal.

ACS is our ‘got to’ supplier for audiovisual support; the smooth way we cooperate is indicative of their problem solving and ‘can do’ attitude. Our guests have high expectations, so we it is great that we can trust each other blindly.

Marco Diepeveen

Event Manager
Marriott Amsterdam

Up with the latest trends

ACS keeps a close eye on technical developments. We always know what is going on and we keep up with the latest trends. This means you can be certain that our advice will help you design your venue to give it an innovative and surprising look & feel.

Experience with venues

We have been working with various high-end hotels in the Randstad area for many years. We use our experience with these venues to provide others with the best possible service.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge

ACS has a great deal of experience in providing audio-visual technology for very large events. What we set up for these conferences also works on a smaller scale. When you use our advice for your venue, you can benefit from our extensive knowledge.

We always think one step ahead

Setting up an event venue is a complex job. Every part must be right; from the lighting and sound to the decor in the room, and the power supply for all of the equipment. With our advice, you won’t have to worry about that yourself. We will make sure that all speakers can be clearly understood, and that the speakers and videos are clearly visible from everywhere in the room. ACS always thinks one step ahead, and that makes us the ideal partner.

Organizing an event succesfully?

Are you looking for an audiovisual partner who can take all your worries off your hands? Contact one of our specialists directly.