AV rental

If you want to support events with appropriate lighting and clear sound, and if you need temporary or permanent audio-visual systems at your venue, then with ACS’s knowledge and experience, that won’t be problem. We have an extensive range of professional quality equipment. We can supply audio-visual technology for any type of event: from a small business meeting to larger events and conferences.

Audio-visual technology determines the experience

During an event, your venue is your client’s calling card. If the event is to be successful, then audio-visual technology is indispensable. The lighting sets the atmosphere, the mood and ultimately the experience of your client’s guests. Clear sound ensures that they don’t miss any part of the event. With ACS’s AV rental you can rest assured that all the technology will be in place to make your clients’ events a success.

In order to provide you, and ultimately your clients, with the best possible service, we have a very extensive range of products and we are continually investing in new equipment. You can therefore be sure that your rooms will feature the latest technology. Our large stock, which we keep in various locations, means we are also flexible and able to react quickly. If you need audio-visual technology at short notice, then you can count on ACS. In addition, we are fast and flexible and can usually solve problems immediately.

ACS is our ‘got to’ supplier for audiovisual support; the smooth way we cooperate is indicative of their problem solving and ‘can do’ attitude. Our guests have high expectations, so we it is great that we can trust each other blindly.

Marco Diepeveen

Event Manager
Marriott Amsterdam

Quickly to the right place

Organising a conference takes up a lot of time. It is therefore handy if the audio-visual equipment can arrive quickly at the site. In order to achieve this, ACS has regional branches with their own warehouses. This allows us to deliver the required material without delay.

We know your venue

ACS has a great deal of experience with venues. For example, we have been working with various high-end hotels in the Randstad area for many years. Consequently we know exactly which technology you need.

Always presentable

If there are strict codes of conduct or dress codes at your venue, with ACS you can rest assured that these will always be observed. We ensure that our staff are aware of the rules and will turn up appropriately dressed.

Benefit from our international experience

ACS has many years of national and international experience in supplying audio-visual resources for conferences of all sizes. Consequently we have built up a lot of knowledge and professional quality equipment. We use this to deliver the right audio-visual technology to your room; and what works on a large scale also works on a smaller scale. Make the most of our knowledge, experience and equipment by hiring ACS for your venue.

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