Corporate Teamweek 2016 Nieuwegein

The first week of March ACS carried out the technical production of a corporate Teamweek 2016 once again in assignment of Mindsetting Creative.

The challenge

In cooperation with Mindsetting Creative a challenging and creative concept was realised by ACS for the Gala Award Dinner on Thursday evening. This year an impressive video mapping on tables was done. No less than 43 tables were individually mapped, with dedicated projectors and a Watchout-feed. (Watchout is a production and display system that easily combines foto’s, animations, live video etc. into an impressive show)

A blacktrax tracking system was used as an extra gimmick, enabling effortless tracking of speakers walking around, or used for an act following a BMX-biker with several moving heads, providing a spectacular light effect.

All in all the result was enormously impressive and the creative content contributed to an awe inspiring show, surpassing the expectations of the audience once again.

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