Our showcases

How would you plan an event for three hundred people? What about a medical conference with thirty thousand attendees? Hosting an event is a tough puzzle, but ACS has never met a puzzle it couldn’t solve – and we have the showcases to prove it. Our audiovisual solutions allow us to support any type of event at any scale, and our IT partner Eventresult enables us to provide innovative IT solutions as well. Our vast professional network means we feel equally at home in Amsterdam, Milan and Madrid. And if the venue isn’t completely to your liking, we can even build temporary rooms to remedy that.

Showcases abroad

ACS audiovisual solutions doesn’t limit its operations to the Netherlands – we go wherever we are needed. For many years, we’ve been the regular AV supplier for various European associations, PCO’s and venues. Thanks to the wealth of experience we’ve accumulated over the years, we can handle any audiovisual challenge on any scale. In Amsterdam, for instance, we built 24 temporary rooms for the European Society of Cardiology Congress, allowing our client to accommodate more than 30.000 attendees. And that’s just one of our many showcases. We follow our clients wherever they go and provide assistance whenever it is needed.

Do you need professional audiovisual assistance for a conference or event within Europe? Do you want complete control over your venue? Take a look at our showcases and discover what ACS can do for you.