Video mapping

Nowadays almost every participant of a conference or event is used to ‘normal’ video projection. Do you really want to have their attention, you will have to pull out more stops! Video mapping offers this possibility. It is a projection technique that projects video images on objects other than screen or canvas, allowing the spectator to experience depth in the decor and content. During conferences, these are usually stage pieces that are placed on stage.

With video mapping, very attractive shows and presentations can be developed, but due to the costs this concept has so far been reserved for customers with a large budget. Together with a number of experts, ACS is now working on the development of a concept that uses basic background and content. As a result, costs can be reduced and video mapping is also available to customers with a smaller budget. The content can be provided with its own branding / house style so that every show has its own character.

Naturally, it remains possible to design the decor and content entirely to the customer’s wishes.

With video mapping, a spectacular show can be created, which will remain in the memory of the participants for a long time.

If you want to know more about what video mapping can do for your customers, what the costs are and what you need to think of in a conversation with customers, please conctact us!

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