Interview – Jan Keizer (Warehouse Manager)

From time to time, we will interview an ACS employee. This is to give you a better insight into who we are. In this issue we chat with our Warehouse Manager, Jan Keizer. Jan shares what he loves about his job, as well as where the challenges are. Please also take a look at the short video which offers a deeper insight into the workings of his department.


Age: 47 (2024)

Job title: Warehouse Manager

Number of years working for ACS: 20 (2004)


Jan Keizer has been the Warehouse Manager at ACS since 2004. He shares the fact that he still finds ACS a very nice company to work for, largely due to the atmosphere within the company and the enjoyable colleagues. “We treat each other with respect and the work is fun and varied. For me, these are reasons why I have been working here for so long.”

1. What role does the Logistics department play within ACS?

“The role of our department is to ensure that all equipment is delivered in the right quantities and in good working order to our colleagues, or directly to third parties. They in turn ensure that everything is set up for events and conferences. We work in collaboration with different departments, where we have direct contact with the planners, technicians on location and floor managers, who need information about which products and material will be delivered. When the equipment returns, logistics must ensure that everything is checked so that it is ready for rental for the next project.”

2. What three main qualities do you need to do this job?

“I can actually name more than three, but most importantly, you have to be in good physical shape, because you are physically busy all day long and that puts a lot of strain on your body. You must be a team player, and proactive with an eye for detail. And you have to be able to deal with deadlines because somewhere in Europe a conference has to be set up and on time. And we work with tight schedules. We also have jobs in the local area, where we need to deliver material, so a driver’s license is also important. It’s not always necessary, but if you have it, it’s definitely an advantage.”

3. What does an average working day look like in the Logistics department?

“Well, it’s quite varied. We work on our own internal logistics process. Both for outgoing and incoming. We don’t have separate outgoing or incoming departments. So, this makes the work very varied. From picking material and checking the outgoing goods, to loading and unloading. There are often several orders running at the same time which need to be sent out, and there are always returns that must be checked for loss or defects. So, we’re always busy.”

Click on the photo below to see the Logistics in the Spotlight video.

2024 Logistics in the spotlight

4. What gives you the most satisfaction at work?

“What gives me the most satisfaction is ensuring that all items are sent out complete and correctly to customers and the projects teams. For the large conferences, we ensure that several trailers are ready for departure with a relatively small team. That’s why teamwork is so important to me. I also believe that it is very important that I can ensure that we work in a neat, clean and well-organized environment.

I set myself the goal that my team have a clear idea of ​​what they have to do each day. This contributes to a good atmosphere within the team, and everyone knows what is expected of them and that they are there to support each other.”

5. What is the biggest challenge for your department?

“The biggest challenge for our department is meeting the various deadlines. There are days when a lot of equipment needs to be processed both in and out. We then need to ensure that all equipment is handled and processed quickly with our permanent staff, supported by temporary workers. Because before you know it, the next project is already upon us.”

6. And what else can you share so that we get to know the department even better?

“The Logistics department is the central point for the departure and arrival of equipment for our company. We need to communicate with several different departments to ensure that a project gets off to a good start. We are always dealing with multiple projects – all with time pressures. Projects change every year in terms of size, equipment and composition, and we have to continuously develop and innovate to ensure a smooth and efficient working process. And we of course are always learning from that.

We have the responsibility to get the job done in the time frame dictated by the deadlines. After the busier periods we have a time-for-time compensation system, which gives us time off when we are less busy. This really appeals to me! It gives a big sense of freedom and flexibility, and has kept me as a loyal ACS employee for the past 20 years.”