ACS invests in Meyer CAL64

ACS invests heavily in Meyer CAL64 Digital Column Array

The Dutch company ACS, specialist in high quality AV solutions, confirmed its investment in Meyer Sound CAL64 digital Beam Steering column arrays. The CAL64s are proof of their success among their customers who previously purchased the smaller Meyer Sound CAL32. This step places the CAL64 at the forefront of innovative av technology for its demanding customers. Meyer Sound’s distributor, Audio Electronics Mattijsen, managed the acquisition and developed a customised package of accessories.

“When making our choice, the Meyer Sound Column Array’s exceptional performance and its practical advantages were the deciding factors,” says Purchase Manager Wim Meester. “Using a laptop, you can ‘place’ the sound in the listener’s area, giving an exceptionally high level of intelligibility, particularly in difficult acoustic circumstances for speech. An added bonus is that the loudspeakers can be quickly and easily mounted by our technicians. It is pure practicality, a minimalist column speaker in the same colour as the grey curtains used by ACS for temporary venues. It thus creates an attractive whole.”

ACS audiovisual solutions from Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands’ major suppliers of AV equipment to national and international customers. One of its core activities is to supply AV technology to major international conferences and events with thousands of participants. ACS does not only supply the technical coordination and operation, but often also part of the technical concept development and the building of dozens of temporary conference venues. Every top of the market conference needs a comprehensive package of professional support for rigging, lighting, image and, of course, sound.

Managing Director Jessica Ylstra expands. “We see that, depending on the project, our technicians prefer certain equipment and brands. Our customers too often have specific preferences. We consulted with our major customers on the purchase of the Meyer CAL speakers, allowing us to enhance customer loyalty.”

By investing in the Meyer Sound system, ACS demonstrates its drive for innovative high-end presentation and conference technology. To date, Meyer Sound CAL loudspeakers were regularly installed in venues requiring the highest possible audio presentations. Examples include the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, het Konzerthaus in Berlin and the Musikverein in Vienna. This is the first time in Europe, and possibly in the world, that a rental company makes the move to purchasing this sound system.

CAL Digital Beam Steering Column Arrays

Eric Mattijsen (Audio Electronics Mattijsen) says “Of course column arrays are not new, but Meyer Sound’s CAL series has exceeded the performance of all other column arrays. We can direct the sound beam and change the form and, if required, even split them. However, the most important aspect is that this can be done at a significantly wider frequency range (100hz tot 16kHz) with controlled phasing and natural sound without crazy spikes and lobs. These features come to the fore in acoustically challenging situations such as blaring conference halls. The results are fabulous and very convincing.”

In order to achieve this, the CAL64 has more than 64 custom-made speakers, 64 amplifiers and 64 Digital Signal Processing channels. The steering is done through AVB digital audio networking and/or analogue inputs and Compass™ remote control software. Depending on the programme and the use of the balconies, the sound shape and direction can be adjusted, thereby avoiding undesirable acoustic energy.

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