Connect with your audience via narrowcasting

Narrowcasting - ACS audiovisual s

Want to make sure everybody can see your new product? Would you like all the important details and information to be clearly visible? Thanks to narrowcasting – also known as digital signage – you’ll be able to reach a larger audience with your message. These displays can be set up anywhere in your venue to cover your entire conference or event.

Narrowcasting is an efficient way to reach your goals. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team for more information.

Eventresult is specialised in narrowcasting

ACS audiovisual solutions provides narrowcasting in cooperation with its IT partner Eventresult. Eventresult is a subsidiary of ACS that focuses on IT solutions for the congress and event industry in the Netherlands and abroad. This means we always have access to a reliable partner that has extensive experience with advanced information technology.

Naturally, narrowcasting is but one of the many options we have to offer. Eventresult also provides webcasting solutions that allow you to broadcast your events live over the Internet. Furthermore, we also offer innovative techniques to enhance visitor interaction and participation at your event.

Discover our versatile services

Narrowcasting is one of the many tools ACS audiovisual solutions can use to increase the level of interaction with specific target demographics that attend your conferences and events. The technology essentially serves as an auxiliary communications channel that can broadcast a wide range of information, ranging from routing and directions to local weather or social media updates.

Over the years, ACS audiovisual solutions has built an excellent reputation in the event industry by providing comprehensive AV services and support in the Netherlands and many other European countries. We have facilitated events from Madrid to Amsterdam and are perfectly capable of supporting events with tens of thousands of visitors. Our team can transform any venue into a fitting event location.

Narrowcasting gets your message across

Our partnership with Eventresult enables ACS to provide advanced audiovisual solutions that will help get your message across clearly and effectively. Narrowcasting and digital signage allow you to reach your entire audience and greatly enhance interaction. Contact ACS and get started today.