Visual frame

Recent developments make it possible to provide branding for a location swiftly and at reasonable costs. It is more and more common now to customise both the background and colour schemes of your event. A visual frame is a solution in which the use of a backdrop and projection ensure a superior appearance to your visual material during an event.

Present your content in an impressive manner

The stage in the plenary hall is often seen as the showcase of an event, with the speakers as the main characters. The way in which a stage looks, is becoming increasingly important. Not only does a spectacular stage holds the attention of the attendees for longer, but it also serves as a background for all camera and video recordings. In addition, with the arrival of digital printing techniques (visual frames), the costs are a very attractive alternative to the use of ‘roll-up banners’.

A visual frame is a projection wall that can be made to measure based on the height and width of a room. The visual frame can be projected on by using one or more projectors, with which, a PowerPoint presentation and a close-up shot of a speaker can be combined. There is an option to illuminate the visual frame from below, creating a dynamic look, which can be lit in any desired colour during the event. In addition, there is the possibility for branding on the screen for the client.

Visual frame is a flexible solution that can be set up in various locations, such as hotels, conference and event venues. There are many options, and we ensure that your information and content is presented in a professional and impressive manner.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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