Virtual Congress Solutions

Even before the Corona pandemic hit the world, ACS has been busy with the development of virtual and hybrid congress solutions. Now it has become almost unavoidable to go virtual, we are happy to offer you a thought-out package of customizable solutions to make impossible events possible.

As a long term partner of associations, PCOs and venues, we are familiar with the needs of the conference and event industry. We will guide you through the overwhelming variety of services and solutions and make together with you a congress that captures your attendees.

We can offer you a platform that support the transformation of complex conferences into an online experience for everybody. Below we give you an overview of all the possibilities.  Interested? Contact Jarno de Boer via the button at the bottom of this page!


Webinar/On demand

We refer to a ‘Webinar’ being a recorded presentation which can be viewed online via a password protected website. The possibilities for interaction between ‘speaker’ and ‘delegate’ (viewer) is of course limited. The interaction can exist via a ‘contact the speaker’ button underneath the webcast, via this button the delegates can give comments or ask questions to the speaker. This form is basically ‘sending only’.


Keynote sessions

We refer to a ‘Keynote session’ as being a live stream presentation. These sessions can be viewed by delegates online via a password protected website. The speaker will be contacted by us in order to explain all the steps that need to be made in order for him/her to present a high quality live stream. Rehearsals can be scheduled to make sure all essential elements of the presentation work properly and the presenter is feeling comfortable presenting in this manner online.



E-Posters can be added to the Virtual Congress and can be viewed online via a password protected website. As a client you can chose to either create a fixed template in which all the authors must create their e-Poster (for example a fixed banner or logo, a limited number of characters that can be used, etc.) or you can choose to give the authors the possibility to create an E-poster as they see fit.


Sponsor & Exhibition integration

For the industry we can provide a large number of branding opportunities, not only via a timeslot in which we can program your Webinar to be streamed (recorded or live), but also in the several landing pages, app etc.

A list with all specific opportunities is created and can be shared with you as a client.


Interactive possibilities

Basically the ‘real’ interactive possibilities only exist in the ‘Keynote sessions’. During these sessions we can create a possibility for the delegates to submit their questions via a ‘chat’ functionality. The speaker can select the questions that he would like to answer live.

Another possibility is using Voting software. We can use the voting software that Meetbit has developed or, depending on the complexity of the requirements, use third parties software like Sendsteps.

Other interactive possibilities are not actual ‘interactive’ but still can be mentioned as interesting options, like:

  • Contact the author (e-Posters)
  • Surveys
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Creation of Certificates of Attendance
  • Translation

Online platform

A fully to congress branded App which allows delegates, authors and speakers to fully participate, not only during the original days of the congress but also before and after. The App is a truly unique way to collect, distribute and share all content that is created before, during and after the congress.

The App is a really powerful tool with many sponsor opportunities. Furthermore within the App a range of elements can be managed; Virtual Stands, Push notifications, Q&A, sponsored ‘splash’ screen before a session starts, etc.

Also the scientific program can be added, giving people the opportunity to set an alarm for a lecture they are interested in.

Leaflet Virtual Congres Solutions

Last update: 29-6-20

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