Speaker Service Center

Are you organising a conference over several days with numerous speakers in different rooms at the same time and do you want it to run smoothly, according to plan and with minimum effort? A Speaker Service Center as part of our presentation management system ensures a well preparation for your speakers.

We take away much of the possible concerns

In the run-up for the conference, your speakers upload their presentation to a special login page. In the SSC we welcome your speakers and we support them with the finishing touches to their presentations. We also check the links to videos on the internet and can accommodate both Windows and Mac made presentations.

Our specialists also show the smart capabilities of the system so that each speaker can easily start their presentation. A Speaker Service Center in combination with the professional and powerful presentation management software acts as the heart of your congress and takes away much of the possible concerns.

ACS provides the entire process

In the run-up to the conference, speakers have the option to upload their presentations from home to a special login page which matches your branding. It is possible to make changes until just before the presentation. We provide this entire process and place all the presentations in a central server so that all presentations are safe and in one place.

During the conference, the speakers can go through the presentation again for a final check. There is a dedicated team of IT technicians available full time to provide practical tips and support speakers and the conference organisation. There is also of course a demo lectern available where the speaker can experience under supervision the ease of use the touch screen presentation display.

Our Speaker Service Center offers peace of mind to your team

The Speaker Service Center technicians ensure that all presentations are available at the right time in the right room by using the E! Presenter software. The lecterns on the presentation stages are equipped with user-friendly touch screens for the speakers, so that a presentation can be started simply by touching the screen. The speaker just taps their name with a finger on the screen and the presentation starts automatically.

Our technicians can follow the progress of all the presentations in all rooms from the Speaker Service Center and provide support if necessary.

Organizing an event succesfully?

Are you looking for an audiovisual partner who can take all your worries off your hands? Contact one of our specialists directly.