Speaker Assisted Recording

Are you organising a conference or event where not all your speakers can be present? This could be because of flight restrictions due to COVID 19 or because of agenda/scheduling issues? Let your speakers participate through our Speaker Assisted Recording solution,

The COVID 19 crisis has proven that the problem of (online) video recording can be solved easily and without problems. ACS has devised a solution that offers a reliable and costeffective alternative to existing online solutions: pre-recording presentations, in HD quality and with the assistance of our technical employees.

Webinar/On demand


  • The speaker can choose a time slot via the ACS online booking tool.
  • The speaker sends their presentation in advance via a secure upload link provided by ACS.
  • If desired, an ACS technician may contact the speaker in advance to determine if the speaker’s computer or laptop meets the specified requirements.
  • The speaker receives a URL to log in to at the agreed time slot. This can be done from any location where an internet connection is available, such as at home or at the workplace.
  • The speaker enters a virtual lounge where they are received by one of our helpful technicians.
  • The technician checks the video and audio connection with the speaker and then directs them to the virtual environment where the presentation will be recorded.
  • The virtual environment is a user-friendly, web-based page where the speaker can easily record the presentation.
  • The technician remains on standby to resolve any technical issues during the recording and to monitor the quality of the recording.
  • The presentation will be saved on our server afterwards.

Benefits for the speaker


  • The speaker has the freedom to choose a time slot (24/7) via the online booking tool.
  • The speaker does not have to travel; recording can be done from any location where an internet connection is available.
  • ACS has a leaflet with tips and pointer for the speaker to prepare their presentation in advance.
  • In the virtual environment, the speaker has various tools available, to give the best possible presentation. Tools such as a (green) laser pointer and a timer-clock to keep an eye on the recording time.
  • The virtual environment has a start/stop button that the speaker can use to begin or end their recording. Any additional editing of the presentation is provided by ACS.
  • A technician follows the presentation and is on standby to solve any problems immediately.
  • In the unlikely event that the speaker makes a mistake, there is a possibility to amend the recording afterwards or by starting it again

Benefits for the organiser


  • This solution achieves better image quality than using other meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.
  • It is compatible with the most commonly used web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • The image of the speaker is placed next to the presentation and not over it in the page layout, this is to ensure that the presentation remains fully visible to the viewer.
  • The presentation environment can be designed with a layout and branding of your preference. An additional advantage of this is that uniformity is created in all of the presentations.
  • Editing of the recorded material is possible.
  • Addition of video elements such as an intro and outro are possible.
  • The presentations can be uploaded directly to the platform being utilised.
  • The recorded presentations may be stored in an ACS library and remain available there for the period agreed with the customer.
  • The pre-recorded presentations will be used during the conference. So no live connections are used.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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