Do you want to display information directly for your visitors? Digital signage and narrowcasting gives you the ability to create, modify or delete the content of all the screens in your network from one place.

Create maximum contact with your visitors

Although this technique is used primarily for ‘digital signage’ the possibilities are considerably more than just for signage. You can display all the information you want to share with your visitors on our system. Besides signage, the information can also be about a particular session, a generic or specific program. In addition, by displaying short messages, you can alert your guests about very interesting sessions. Digital signage creates maximum contact with your visitors, guests or participants.

With the product developments from our Research & Development department, we can now also offer audio as well as visuals on our signage products. This allows you to also show recorded sessions or offer excellent exposure opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors.

We offer customized solutions

Messages and images can be shaped as desired to fit your target audience. We offer digital signage as a fixed installation, for example, in hotels, or as a temporary solution for trade shows, conferences and events.

Fixed installations are primarily used in locations within the hospitality industry, which includes hotels and convention centers. We offer customized solutions to perfectly fit your needs. Because the system is flexible and modular, you can start small scale and expand in phases. This way you keep control, and have an excellent opportunity to grow in stages.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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