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Are you organising a congress with speakers and presentations over several rooms? Then the Presentation Management Solution is the perfect product for you. The management of presentations at a conference is one of our specialties. From easy upload before the congress, to flawless presentations in all rooms, as well as the opening and break slides in-between. Not only for large congresses, but starting from approximately 50 presentations.

Save time and avoid mistakes

With the help of our Presentation Management Solution we offer you and your speakers piece of mind. The presenation uploading can be done before the start of the congress. This creates problem-free presenting during the congress itself and the publication of presentation after the congress. In the speakers lounge, speakers can try the system and rehearse their presentation, minimize the chance of errors and provide your conference with a professional solution.

All content is stored in the cloud with a back up on a local server. The system is therefore not dependent on internet, thus making it very stable and reliable. The modular design of these products allows you to easily add webcasting, digital signage and overflow.

Benefits for speakers and organizers at a glance

Speaker benefits:

  • Very userfriendly system that everyone can get along with quickly
  • Uploading of presentations via the Internet from any location
  • Last minute adjustments to presentations are possible, also during the congress
  • Speakers can check their name and description and adjust if necessary
  • System supports PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote
  • Speakers can make use of the Speaker Services Centre (SSC) and rehearse with a demo system
  • Technical support in the SSC
  • Speakers remain in control during presenations with the help of a fast-responding control unit
  • Comfort screens show notes and timer
  • Touchscreen with laser pointer function
  • Speaker can move freely on the stage

Organizer benefits:

  • Dashboard with live data and statistics
  • Possibility to customise and brand layout upload page
  • No maximum number of presentations and/or rooms that can be managed simultaneously
  • Remote room monitoring
  • Personal data management in accordance with GDPR
  • Management of the presentations from a central database
  • Last minute adjustments to the program to be achieved quickly, with automatic transfer to other systems such as room display information
  • Automatic registration of every presentation
  • Easy integration with other applications such as webcast or media storage
  • Connection to the requirments of the Pharmacode (inclusing disclosure slide)
  • Authorization/copyright features settled during the upload process (permission for publication)
  • Content handeling

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Last update: 23-8-19

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