Digital management tables and lecterns

Do you want to take your panel discussions, meetings or presentations to the next level? ACS is always looking for the most intelligent solutions to enhance the professional image of your event. With our digital management tables and lecterns, you can increase clarity for your visitors, thus minimising any obstacles between the audience, the moderator and the speaker. Our digital management tables and lecterns, in combination with our presentation management system, will give your speakers all the control they need – allowing them to create the best possible presentation.

Increase clarity with digital management tables

You can see them at every congress, meeting or presentation: the management or board tables behind which the speakers sit before and after their presentation. For the visitors, these tables are often a little too far away, making the name plates difficult to read. If someone wants to put a question to one of the speakers and cannot read the name properly, this can lead to confusion and ultimately to delay.

To solve this problem, ACS has developed an effective and practical solution: a beautifully designed management table with LED screens built into the front, on which dynamic information can be presented. That way, the name of the speaker can be clearly displayed, so that the audience can directly address the right speaker during an extensive panel discussion. This will ultimately increase the interaction during your event.

Improve the quality of presentations

To take your presentations to a higher level, ACS uses digital lecterns. Our digital lecterns are equipped with the latest technology and the best audio-visual equipment. In combination with our presentation management system, your speaker has access to the presentation as well as control over it. This support allows your speakers to create the best possible presentation without experiencing unnecessary stress.

Promote the discussion

Unreadable name plates stand in the way of a good discussion. By removing this obstacle, you can act quickly and dynamically and stimulate discussion during your event.

Optimal process

Connect our presentation management system  to the digital management table or digital lectern for an optimal process. All names, job positions and presentations are immediately loaded.


We have in-house graphic specialists who can match everything to your branding. This means that everything fits in perfectly with the look & feel of your congress.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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