Digital Faculty Tables and Lecterns

Do you want to enhance the professional setting of a conference or event so that you can generate a maximum of comfort for the audience, speakers and moderators? And also have the possibility to generate exposure for sponsors? If so, we would like to introduce our Digital Faculty Tables and Lecterns to you!

ESMO - 2017 - Madrid
ESMO - 2017 - Madrid

Most conferences, meetings or presentations have them: the top tables for the board or chair at which speakers sit before and after their presentations. Eventresult, ACS’s IT label, that represents smart IT solutions at conferences and meetings, has designed an effective and practical Digital Faculty Table with several options for customized branding and other bespoke features.

The table is an attractively designed piece of furniture with LED screens built into the front on which dynamic information (chair persons names and still or animated backgrounds) can be displayed. The digital information can be retrieved from the database that we build if you choose for a combined configuration with the E! Presenter presentation management system.

ESMO - 2018 - Munich
ESMO - 2018 - Munich

Various functions

The ACS Digital Faculty Table is a multifunctional tool and it can be used in a stand-alone configuration as well as in a networked configuration.

  • In both the stand-alone and the networked configuration there are 2 seats available for your chairpersons. Via an easy to use 24″ touchscreen, which is located in the middle of the table and also functions as a comfort monitor, either person can select their name from a drop down name selector on their side of the screen. By selecting their name it will appear on the 32″ screen on the front side of the table.
  • The background image on the 32″ screen can also be chosen and can be a different one per chairperson. This is attractive to sponsors or partners who want certain sessions to bear their branding.
  • Besides still images also mp4 movies are possible to use which makes it ideal for sponsors. Also it creates a nice effect for the audience looking at the table when the design flows from the left screen over into the right screen.
  • The font type, size and color of the names can also be easily changed to fit your branding requirements.
  • The forex front panel of the table itself can also be branded in the conference’s style. This promotes the professional appearance of your conference.
  • The upright edge of the table prevents the audience from having a direct view on the table.

ACS can pre-load all the names of the chairpersons who will be attending your conference. When the tables are used in a standalone configuration our technician can operate the table from his position in the back of the room. So in case sudden changes need to be made he can react instantly and without disturbing the ongoing session the technician can prepare the changes and apply them at the moment it’s needed. Also it is possible to add a name via the touchscreen on the table.

When the tables are used in configuration with ACS’s Presentation Management System all names will be loaded via our server. Also in this case the names will be allocated to that particular room and time slot, so it will be easy for the chairpersons to select.

When more than one table is set on stage the tables can be easily connected to each other and controlled in the same manner as described previously.

Digital Lecterns

ACS has also the availability of a large number of Digital Lecterns which are In the same look & feel as the Digital Faculty Tables. Also these lecterns give you, besides showing the name of the speaker, a wide array of branding possibilities.

We would be more than happy to advise you on sponsorship and branding opportunities on the Digital Faculty Tables as well as the Digital Lecterns.


The dimensions of the table are: 160 cm width, 78 cm depth and 90 cm height. The following equipment is embedded in every table:

  • 2 front screens (16:9, 32″) on which the names and positions of the chairpersons can be displayed.
  • 1 LED touchscreen (24″) in the middle of the table to be used for control and comfort monitor.
  • 1 built-in desktop PC.

Ask your ACS contact for more information or see the extended product leaflet below.

Leaflet Digital Faculty Tables & Lecterns

Last update: 23-8-19

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