Congresses - ACS audiovisual solutions

Are you planning a congress and do you need to make sure your venue matches your requirements? Do you need to arrange specific lighting, communications and sound solutions, but do you lack the time or expertise to handle this yourself? Are you looking for an audiovisual specialist that can provide you with the best congress solutions?

ACS audiovisual solutions has everything you need to organise a congress successfully. We have years of experience in the event industry and know exactly which congress solutions you’ll need to make a memorable impression on your visitors and delegates. Want to know more? Contact one of our specialists today!

Tailor-made audiovisual solutions

More often than not, organising a congress is a complex affair. If you want to make sure that your visitors have a great experience, every detail needs to be taken care of. Your venue, decorations, lighting, sound, presentation technology and supporting infrastructure must all be optimised to work together. In short, your congress solutions must all contribute to your overall goals.

ACS knows exactly what a great congress experience requires. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can provide high-quality congress solutions that match those needs perfectly. Our team will listen to your ideas, evaluate your situation and work with you to guarantee you always have the best possible audiovisual solutions for your congress.

Let ACS provide the congress solutions you need

ACS doesn’t only have vast knowledge base – we also have a wide range of audiovisual solutions in stock. In addition, we’ve built up a strong business network over the years. This means we can handle the vast majority of congress solutions in-house.

We can provide any audiovisual technology you desire, from lighting and sound systems to voting systems and other interactive technologies. We are also highly experienced in building temporary rooms. Would you like to create a more interactive setting? Or are you organising a congress with speakers and presentations in several different rooms? Thanks to our IT partner Eventresult, we can also provide unique, innovative solutions to make your congress more interactive, such as presentation management and [digital signage].

Are you looking for cutting edge congress solutions that will put you in full control of your event’s atmosphere and infrastructure? If so, you needn’t look any further than ACS audiovisual solutions.