Product presentations

Product presentations ACS audiovisual solutions

A convincing product presentation is more than just a simple show and tell. Your new product deserves to be put in the spotlight. Excellent sound, video and lighting are key ingredients in a successful product presentation – strong audiovisual solutions emphasise both your product and your message, giving each the attention it deserves.

ACS audiovisual solutions understands what it takes to host an unforgettable product presentation. We can provide everything you need in terms of audiovisual technology, from innovative display solutions to top quality communication systems. And we’re more than happy to tailor our approach to your specific needs.

We will put your product in the spotlight

ACS audiovisual solutions offers a uniquely broad selection of technical resources that will help you organise a memorable product presentation. Whatever type of audiovisual technology you may require, our team will work with you to make sure you have everything you need.

We can supply public address systems with microphones, amplifiers and powerful speakers, for example, which will allow you to reach an audience of thousands with ease. But you could also choose to enhance your product presentation with unique light effects created by computer controlled spotlights or the use of visual frames. Our cameras enable you to record the entire product presentation, while our IT partner Eventresult takes care of the webcasts that will help you reach an even larger audience.

The best AV partner for your product presentation

Want to be able to depend on years of audiovisual experience and expertise when you arrange your next product presentation? ACS has a well-deserved reputation for quality in the audiovisual world. We provide AV technology and consultancy services for conferences, congresses and business events all throughout Europe. In addition, we can transform venues into several temporary rooms complete with AV solutions, integrated IT and furniture, at any desired scale – whether you want to accommodate 300 or 30.000 visitors.

Do you want to make sure your product presentation will leave a lasting impression? Contact us via phone or e-mail and make an appointment with our team.