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IT solutions

If you want to give your events a professional look, and if you want to use premium IT solutions to take your event to the next level, then with ACS’s solutions, you are guaranteed meticulously organised IT during your event. We will listen to your requirements and share our ideas with you. With ACS’s technology, knowledge and experience, you can turn your wishes into reality and create an event that makes an impression.

ACS understands how important IT is

Implementing IT solutions during an event can be a challenge for you and your clients. ACS has years of experience in supplying audio-visual solutions for events. To provide you with the best possible support in organising your event, we also work as a full service partner.

This simplifies communications: you only have to deal with one contact person who takes care of everything for you. It also avoids problems because fewer parties are involved, so there less risk of interference on the line during the event.

ACS knows our requirements perfectly and is able to pass on this experience to local an in-house partners. Through years of common experience we acquired more flexibility and skills. Often a single word is all we need to communicate.

Naud Beckers

Director of Operations
MCI Amsterdam

Always flexible

We can adapt our IT solutions to completely meet your needs and provide you with a bespoke solution. If you come across a problem during your event and you require prompt support, we will be there immediately to help you out.

Personal commitment

ACS facilitates large-scale international conferences and smaller scale national events. Benefit from the high quality that we deliver at large-scale events and enjoy the personal commitment we demonstrate at smaller events.

Constantly innovating

ACS keeps up to date with the latest technological developments. If you would you like to present a special opening show, organise a multimedial presentation or involve social media in your event, then we can supply the IT solutions that will live up to your wishes.

ACS is the ideal partner

ACS has more than 35 years of experience at home and abroad, making us a leader in the industry. Thanks to so many years of experience and extensive know-how, we can guarantee professionalism, quality and service. We developed many of the IT solutions we offer ourselves. In other words, we always have the necessary hardware in house and employ the best IT specialists. We always go the extra mile, which means we can create the perfect IT solutions for you.

Organizing an event succesfully?

Are you looking for an audiovisual partner who can take all your worries off your hands? Contact one of our specialists directly.