Temporary room building

Temporary room building - ACS audiovisual solutions

Temporary room building

In case the location you have chosen for your conference can not offer the ultimate mix of conference rooms, we can transform almost every hall or exhibition space into cosy, efficient and comfortable conference rooms with a capacity of 300 to 30,000 participants. We can also furnish the temporary rooms and provide the audiovisual facilities.

Complete system and handling

ACS audiovisual solutions has a lot of experience with the construction fully equipped temporary conference rooms; the ideal solution in case the venue has not the adequate number of halls and /or the desired capability.

We can supply additional items such as furniture, carpet and power supply via our network of preferred suppliers. The complete realization of the room building process remains in one hand which means that everything is aligned. And last but not least , you will receive only one invoice, with a clear overview of all the services we and our partnerssupplied. One-stop-shopping in optima forma!


Innovation is very important for the construction of temporary rooms. We offer you innovative solutions that enables you to surprise your participants. As an example, do you want a conference room on your exhibition floor with an open character but soundproofed? Or do you want to decorate your conference room in a particular theme or concept? Would you like to brand the interior of your conference room? We will take care of all these needs and ensure integrated facilities, furnishing and decoration, in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

The construction of these temporary halls is a customised solution, so we are happy to help. Want to know more? Please get in contact with us.