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Virtual studio – Green screen

For quality content that captures the attention of your audience you need a quality setting that makes it possible. In an online setting however, video content is often reduced to static and unappealing material. Our virtual studio solution enables you to both record videos and shoot live videos for your online event in front of a dynamic canvas. The use of the backdrop as a dynamic surface and the capability to create a background that can be fully customized are reasons for its current popularity. 

Thanks to chroma key technology, using a green screen in the background, it no longer matters where you record your video; now you can bring up any background you desire in a dynamic virtual studio setting. Furthermore, ACS has the tools you need to captivate your audience. The possibilities are limitless and the costs are limited, thanks to the efficient use of green screen technology. Contact us to find out more about the advantages of the virtual studio for your event.

A professional virtual setting for any online event

Online events are not merely limited to the possibilities of streaming services. With our virtual studio you will still be able to professionally record captivating and varied video footage to show during your live event. The technology gives you the freedom to record in any way you prefer and unlimited background choices give you the flexibility to show whatever best suits your event.

Whether you wish to record for instance a presentation or an interview, we can arrange the virtual studio for every setting. And all we need for this is a green screen and our video equipment. It is possible to switch between different cameras for a more dynamic approach and you can embed pre-recorded material with in a live video, which is especially ideal for interviews.

ACS has always shown total dedication and has supported us to tackle all the challenges that crossed our path. They are a strong and a well established reference in the field of AV and room construction.

Nata Nambabatingué

Team Manager ESC Congress & Event Operations
European Society of Cardiology

Endless possibilities for a unique look and feel

By using only a green screen in front of the camera we can conjure up any background and any setting for your virtual studio. Chroma key technology lets us add layers to the video background. This is all digitally rendered, making customization easy and limitless. The lay-out of your ‘studio’ and what backgrounds you use to accompany the video is entirely up to you.

Create dynamic and appealing videos

It is also possible to use different camera angles for your content. Alternating between cameras ensures a more dynamic feel that is far more likely to captivate your audience with your presentation. Especially in the case of long videos or a series of videos this is an effective way to keep viewers focused on what is presented. 

Simultaneously use live and recorded content 

Instead of one person talking during the video, you can add recorded content. In the same way we modify the setting and background we can also show other videos on top of it. That way, interviews and other content can be recorded in advance and fluently implemented in your video.  

Bring your online event to life with our digital solutions

Hosting an online event while still bringing the same quality to the table often proves too big a challenge. With the right tools and support however, you can still create the type of content your delegates have come to expect of you. ACS is specialized in audiovisual solutions and we use our expertise and experience to develop new and effective solutions for an online setting. 

Organizing an event succesfully?

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