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Temporary studio solutions

Do you require a studio setting to record a live presentation, an interview or a panel discussion? It can be difficult to find a suitable place to shoot, since renting and setting up a studio space often proves less efficient for a single project or a short period of time. With our temporary and semi-permanent studio solutions we can offer you a ready-made studio setting to efficiently and economically produce your (live)stream or video.  

In order to accommodate the demand for studio facilities that are a perfect fit for your event, ACS offers Temporary Studio Solutions. A studio can be created anywhere, anytime without the need to use high-end studios when not strictly required, or quite the opposite: settle for compromises due to standardized facilities with limited flexibility. ACS is at your side to create the ideal setup, based on the preferred setting. 

A flexible and cost-efficient solution for your video production

The current situation demands a great deal of flexibility of event organisers. In most cases an online or hybrid solution is the only way to be able to host an event. These solutions however still require a professional setting with high-end audiovisual equipment to create content of the quality you and your clients expect. Very few people have the means for such a production at the ready.

ACS gives you the set-up you need for high-quality content with our temporary and scalable studios. You no longer need an expensive studio setting for your video production. We can bring our temporary studio to you, for example the conference your hosting, or you can make use of our semi-permanent studio for a certain period of time. Whatever you prefer, we guarantee you a professional and cost-efficient studio set-up.

ACS has always shown total dedication and has supported us to tackle all the challenges that crossed our path. They are a strong and a well established reference in the field of AV and room construction.

Nata Nambabatingué

Team Manager ESC Congress & Event Operations
European Society of Cardiology

Semi-permanent studio

Our semi-permanent studios allow you to make use of a fully operational studio setting for a specific period of time. We build these on demand at various locations in Amsterdam, at RAI Amsterdam and a number of renowned hotels. It comes fully equipped with all audiovisual technique needed and including a highly skilled crew of ACS technicians. You are free to adapt the look and feel to match your brand.

Temporary studio on location

We bring the studio to you with our temporary studios. All audio-visual equipment is prepared in advance and can be transported in just one van, for a guaranteed quick and cost-efficient construction and dismantling. The package options let you choose the size and possibilities. We then transport the studio to the venue of your event and build it on location.  

Scalable studio

Our temporary studios on location are highly customizable, depending on your specific needs. The basic package for 1 to 2 people, mostly used for presentations, consists of a 4m2 box-shaped studio, a customizable visual backdrop, lighting, 2 to 3 cameras and a digital lectern. An extension package for 2 to 4 people comes with a 6m2 V-shaped studio and a configuration for panel discussions. Extra options are a green screen, PowerPoint or streaming possibilities and editing post-event.

Innovative solutions for greater flexibility

A successful and professionally made interview, presentation or panel discussion cannot do without the right equipment, the right setting and technical support. ACS helps you find the solution that best suits your needs, while still keeping the costs and construction time low. That is how we use our knowledge, experience and versatility to your benefit.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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