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Streaming services

We have become more familiar with online meeting tools in the span of a year than most us ever expected to be. The same goes for events, where live attendance is often not an option. Streaming services are a solution to reach a large online audiencethe quality of video and audio varies and the options for organizers are unlimited. 

ACS knows how you can make the most of the various streaming services. We help you find the platform that works best for your event and we give you instructions and support to make sure every aspect runs smoothly. This way we ensure you of the best possible online event experience for your delegates. Contact us to discuss the streaming possibilities for your event. 

High quality broadcasting of your event

Attending an event or a conference online has become common practice. By using a streaming service delegates will still be able to attend safely from behind their own computer. Streaming is primarily a one-way form of communication; viewers can watch presentations but it is usually not possible to interact directly and if so, often with a delay.

The number of people who can view your event however, is limitless, as opposed to interactive online meeting tools. Thankfully, there are effective ways to broadcast the live stream at a suitable location of your choosing. We can facilitate this, in order to guarantee the best audiovisual performance. Further we can modify the look and feel of your stream with sophisticated video options. 

ACS has always shown total dedication and has supported us to tackle all the challenges that crossed our path. They are a strong and a well established reference in the field of AV and room construction.

Nata Nambabatingué

Team Manager ESC Congress & Event Operations
European Society of Cardiology

The best streaming quality

With the support from ACS, technical difficulties are no longer a reason for streaming issues. Your presentation comes across perfectly, with high-end video and audio. We help you find the best streaming service for your event, depending on factors such as the number of delegates, the kind of content you wish to share and the desired level of interaction.

Stream from any location

You are free to choose the location for your stream. This can be a conference room in a hotel, but we can also set up a professional studio setting anywhere you like. We can even add a stage and background visuals for the full conference experience. When possible, a live audience can join at the location alongside the online audience.

Interaction possibilities

If you require your delegates to interact during the event, we can help you implement the right tools to make it a success. Speakers can record their presentations prior to the event. Our service Speaker Assisted Recording helps them to make their recording as professional and technically sound as possible. It is also possible to integrate live Q&A, voting, polling and chat applications. 

Facilitating the best experience possible for your audience

Online streaming services are an effective alternative to live events on location. With our expertise and experience, we know how to turn your online presentation, workshop or board meeting into a success. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our services. That is why we can offer you the best digital solution for your event.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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