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“The Stage is Yours!” – Plug & Play event concept

Safety plays a bigger role for events than ever before. Organizers are required to navigate a sea of various possibilities and restrictions when hosting a live event. With “The Stage is Yours” concept you can easily make an event possible with a large and versatile theater in which all facilities can be used for your event on a turn-key basis. Of course it also offers the possibility to make content available online via streaming.  

In cooperation with RAI Amsterdam and our partners, ACS introduces “The Stage is Yours!”, a Plug & Play concept that enables you to host up to 1175 people for your event, taking into account 1.5 meter distance between each delegate. We provide a ready-made venue where all safety measures are in place, so that you can focus on the event itself. Find out more about the details and implementation here and contact us to discuss how you can safely host your event  with our new concept.  

The safe and simple way to host a live event

“The Stage is Yours!” gives you the freedom to host your event without worrying about health measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Thanks to our Plug & Play event concept, everything you need will be in place for a successful event, be it a congress, corporate event, presentation or theatre production. Construction and dismantling of the set is not necessary.

The set-up of the venue is specially designed to give your visitors the best possible experience with the existing health and safety measures in mind. There are multiple ways in which you can adapt the venue and it is even possible to welcome visitors in a special foyer. Careful preparation and well thought-out measures give you the assurance that everything is safe and operational, from the seating arrangements and one-way traffic to high-end light and sound equipment for an optimal performance.

ACS has always shown total dedication and has supported us to tackle all the challenges that crossed our path. They are a strong and a well established reference in the field of AV and room construction.

Nata Nambabatingué

Team Manager ESC Congress & Event Operations
European Society of Cardiology

Turn-key venue

Our event concept is plug and play, meaning the venue is ready to be used by organizers to host their event. The hall allows accommodation with 1,5 metres spacing for a maximum of 800 visitors or 1175 including people from the same households. You have a number of installations at your disposal and we take care of the construction and dismantling of these installations.

Top of the line technique

We offer a high-end set-up full of technology, including a wide stage for corona proof work, a 20 by 6 metres projection screen, an attractive light decor and an expert audio arrangement. To make everything run smoothly, we provide technical support and guidance by our skilled technicians. You are free to change the setting to better suit your event.

Attention to visitor experience

For visitors safety and accessibility are essential. Therefore we make sure all seats are placed at a safe distance from each other and visitors are safely guided to the professionally and attractively furnished hall. Set the scene and welcome up to 800 visitors in a beautifully decorated foyer. Despite the safety measures the setting is intimate, giving visitors the full event experience.


Crafting the tools to responsibly host live events

Everyone in the event industry suffers from the current crisis. With our plug and play concept, ACS and our partners have come up with a simple and effective solution to the problem posed by national health and safety measurements. Provided that public gatherings of people are allowed, you can now quickly and responsibly organize your event. Explore new opportunities and do more than you thought possible. The stage is yours!

Organizing an event succesfully?

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