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Digital Congress Solutions

As a result of the global pandemic it is almost impossible at the moment to host conferences and meetings in the traditional way. Therefore, new and innovative online solutions are needed to provide a feasible and viable alternative. ACS uses IT solutions like presentation management and streaming, all developed before the current crisis, to set up their own virtual congress platform. This platform helps its users to effectively exchange ideas and learning as they did before. 

The platform is now used exclusively for 100% online events,  but it is developed for optimal results in a situation with both on-site and remote (hybrid) presentations Our digital congress solutions let you set up your conference in a password-protected online setting. This is specifically developed for delegates who watch and interact from remote locations. Focusing on making content available and allowing delegates to interact with each other, this format allows all participants to actively participate live and even before and after the event. Learn more about the possibilities for your event and contact us to help you make your online conference a success. 

Bring your online congress to life

How do you convey the unique conference-experience to a digital environment? We believe that this experience revolves around the diversity of the program, with various sessions to attend. With our digital congress solutions online participants can join live sessions or watch them on demand. We can support speakers beforehand by making them comfortable with the format through rehearsals and explaining the steps necessary to ensure a high-quality live stream.

But the possibilities for sharing information go beyond webinars. Authors can create e-Posters where they may include more detailed information and expand on the information offered in the presentation. As with a regular congress there’s ample opportunity for exhibitions and branding by sponsors in the industry, such as special webinars and landing pages.  

“We want to thank you for delivering a great Nutricia event together with us!  The preparation was sometimes a bit hectic and with last minute changes, but you were really flexible and helpful.  Also the live sessions last week went really well and your team in the studios was very professional and nice to work with!”

Jasmin Jaeger & Monique van Veen

Senior Project Manager & Business Controler
MCI Group

On demand

Participants to your conference can watch recorded presentations on demand or join live streamed keynote sessions. We offer support where needed to speakers prior to their presentations for optimal video quality. The online format enables all participants to switch between the available sessions with ease.

Interactive possibilities

As you may expect from a congress setting there is room for interaction between speakers and ‘delegates’ (viewers). Interaction during live keynote sessions is limited to a chat functionality, whereby viewers may submit questions that are chosen by either the speaker or the moderator to be answered live. Other ways to interact entail voting or polling, using specific software by our partners or third parties. You may also offer participants the option to contact webinar speakers or e-Poster authors (sending only) and fill out surveys or evaluation forms.

Using digital congress solutions to their full potential

Organizing a conference requires a great deal of preparation and expertise and that is no different in an online setting. Luckily, ACS possesses the skills and experience to effectively transfer the benefits of a congress to a digital platform. We started working on our virtual congress solutions even before it became the only option available, which gave us a head start to further develop and improve the various possibilities for your event. Thinking ahead brought us where we are today and it will bring us even further in the future.

Organizing an event succesfully?

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