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Video conferencing

Looking for a way to meet efficiently when multiple parties based in different locations are involved? And can you be sure that this will work well and that the connection does not drop?

Videoconferencing is a way to organise a meeting or event remotely, between two or more parties, via IP or ISDN connection. ACS has Polycom or Tandberg HD video conferencing systems which are suitable for connection between two locations (point-to-point). Depending on your needs, the system communicates via IP or ISDN lines. ACS provides a single location for the video conferencing equipment that will match to the equipment at the other location. Through a bridge, we can make connections to multiple locations (multipoint) or different line types. The connections can be used simultaneously for the exchange of documents such as PowerPoint slides and share white boards. Our technicians remain onsite, to offer you immediate assistance if needed.

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