Camera rentals

Camera rentals - ACS audiovisual solutions

Professional equipment

For filming in a permanent or temporary location, you can hire professional cameras with us.

A video camcorder is a camera and recorder in one, making it ideal for capturing an image from one stand point for archive purposes. After the event all you need to do is simply remove the memory card from the device.

Dome cameras can be controlled remotely and can be placed in difficult places to access. They are very suitable for conferences, events, webcasting and videoconferencing.

The following functions can be controlled remotely: pan, zoom, tilt and focus, image switching, off view monitor and SDD video recording. By using the Dome camera you can also reduce the number of required cameramen, making this a cost effective option.

ACS audiovisual solutions has recently purchased a complete set of high-end Panasonic studio cameras. This set consists of two studio cameras, a shoulder camera, remote cameras, camcorders and camera control, remote control panel, television monitors and a mixer. Panasonic is especially renowned for its cameras, mixers and extremely light fiber cabling. Our technicians speak highly of the Panasonic brand because of the consistently high quality, ease of use and flexibility of the equipment.

This camera set also works well in combination with Fuijon lenses, which can double the image size without any noticeable expense of the resolution or light output. This is a very useful option for live view.

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