Webcasting - ACS-audiovisual solutions


Are you looking for a powerful way to make your event or meeting visible far beyond the walls of the venue?

The webcast solution from our IT partner Eventresult makes this immediately possible for you. Webcasting is today’s most popular method to increase the reach of a conference or event.

With webcasting you can make camera images and sound available via the internet and extend the reach of your congress. In addition, we can make an immediate digital recording for you (optional). This enables users to view the webcast or listen to it when it suits them best.

How does it work?

We use a camera to record the picture and sound. We send a signal through our equipment to the internet or to other locations in the building. We make an integrated visual of the speaker and the presentation. The output can easily be seen on the event’s website through a smart solution.

Through our IT partner Eventresult we ensure on-site support, the hosting of a webcast on their own servers and remote support. We guarantee high quality and will take care of everything for you. Eventresult uses its own data center to make your webcast available to more than 1,000 simultaneous visitors.

More interaction and opportunities

A webcast provides countless opportunities and can also be sent to a private audience. In this way, a webcast of a confidential nature can be viewed exclusively by a select group of participants.

To create more interaction with remote participants, we can also combine webcasting with a chat function, including a moderator to ask live questions. By adding this extra dimension you can make an even greater webcast experience.

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