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Presentation software

Are you organising a congress with numerous speakers and presentations in different rooms and do you want this to run professionally and without problems?

Then our Presentation software in combination with a SCC (Speaker service center) offers the perfect solution.

Our IT partner Eventresult has developed a professional and powerful presentation management software. This software controls the central storage and the logistics for all of the presentations. During the congress, the presentations are sent to the various halls from a central area. You have maximum control over the management of all of these presentations and everything is instantly backed-up. By using the [Speaker Service Center] you have the complete package of services. This is useful if you anticipate having to change rooms prematurely or have a conference with many speakers (and presentations).

There is no stress about laptops not working or movies that will not start, outdated versions of software that do not match current standards are a thing of the past. This means that the speaker and congress organisation only have to focus on creating a successful conference!

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