Full service partner

Full service partner - ACS audiovisual solutions

Full service partner and one stop shop

To guarantee the quality of our products and services we can also provide a full service support. This means that we not only provide our services, but also look at the total implementation at your location, including the other vendors involved and the network and internet. This way you have one professional contact who is taking care of everything.

A customised solution

Eventresult provides a thorough check of your system and/or advises how you can address your issues. Together we look at what is the best solution, whether or not it will be supplied by us. Things that are important to consider are the desired size, peak demands and scope, and your available budget needs to be made clear and transparent.

Eventresult has its own data center that obviously guarantees a large capacity and high level of reliability. This means that all the services we provide where databases and (cloud) capacity are needed, are delivered without a third party.

Each solution is modular and therefore easily expandable, which offers a financial benefit with 100% guarantee for quality.


Do you want more information about a customised solution? Please contact one of our specialists.