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Presentation Management by Eventresult

Are you organising a congress with speakers and presentations in several different rooms? Then the Presentation Management Solution (PMS) from Eventresult is the perfect product for you.

Innovative and reliable IT solutions are supplied by our IT partner Eventresult. Eventresult is a sister company of ACS and is a specialist in the field of smart IT solutions for national and international conferences. The management and presentation of all presentations at a conference is one of its specialties. From easy upload before the congress, to flawless presentations in all rooms, as well as the opening and break slides in-between.

Everything is centrally controlled and you have maximum control, both before and during the congress. Save time, avoid mistakes and deliver quality and professionalism. The modular design of these products allows you to easily add webcasting, digital signage and overflow, all at a very favourable rate.

Quality services

The close collaboration between ACS and Eventresult offers customers a number of innovative turnkey solutions. With its experienced customer and service oriented specialists, Eventresult handles the entire process from preparation to management during the event. Because of its vast international experience, Eventresult can provide customers the appropriate advice and solutions. This allows Eventresult to focus on building long-term relationships with its customers.

Eventresult provides flexible and modular products by using their own equipment and software services. Eventresult offers reliability, professionalism and significant cost savings. This allows you to increase the quality of the congress and visitors will enjoy the improved experience.

Stronger together

When ACS and Eventresult join forces they offer a strategic advantage; not only do they provide integrated AV and IT services, they also offer innovative solutions that will surpass the expectations of your visitors. Think about more interactivity, communication, exposure for sponsors and added value for your visitor.

Please contact us so you too can make a difference!

The E-Poster offers you, as the organiser, a more efficient way to support knowledge share during a conference. This allows you to offer innovation, ease of use, as well as a more efficient way of sharing information, improved appearance and considerable savings in space.

Eventresult has developed powerful presentation management software. This software allows you to centrally store and manage the logistics of your presentations, and make them available in the various halls throughout the congress, whenever needed.

With digital signage you can communicate with your audience through display screens positioned at designated locations. Signage also enables you to manage the content of all screens from a single location and create maximum contact.

The Speaker Service Center is the place where our specialists are waiting to welcome and support your speakers with their presentations. Our specialists demonstrate the intelligent capabilities of the system, this ensures that each speaker is familiar with the system.

Looking for a powerful way to make your event or meeting visible far beyond the walls of the venue? Eventresult makes this possible for you! By webcasting you send the camera image and sound through the internet, therefore extending the reach of your conference.

Do you want to be confident that all your IT technical equipment is working properly? We can always provide the appropriate solutions for your wishes and needs. All of our products are modular, making them easy to add to. We take care of everything!

To guarantee that you enjoy the maximum quality of our products and services we can also provide a full service. We can, provide an internet site, build you a wireless network and include all management and support.