Turning Point voting systems

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TurningPoint voting systems

Want to bring more attention to your presentation? And create interaction as a result?

TurningPoint Voting systems is a compact solution, has an ergonomic design and is fitted with a handy lanyard that can be hung around the neck. This means that you will not be worried about losing the ResponseCard keypad and can keep your focus fully on the the presentation.

Another advantage of TurningPoint is that it is made to work 100% with Microsoft PowerPoint. Each voting session can be saved as a PowerPoint file. It is also easy to generate a report in Word or Excel with data from the voting session.

Using TurningPoint you can place “voting weights” on individual voters. With the aid of a chip card you can place “voting weights” on individual voters. For example in a shareholders meeting you can give extra weight to the vote of the president than to the votes of the other participants. You can also easily make comparisons. If in the first question the participants are asked to confirm a specific attribute they have such as age or occupation, then the subsequent answers can be analysed by these categories.

Comparisons can also be made between answers, as the results for two questions can be simultaneously displayed in one graph. For example, you can ask the opinion of participants before and after a presentation. This makes it possible to assess the effect of the presentation in forming the opinion of the participants.

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