IVS voting systems

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IVS voting systems

Would you like to test the opinion of your audience? Do you want to create support in making decisions? Keep your audience alert.

Voting or interactive voting systems are used to support group communication. Each participant receives a keypad and can answer pre-determined questions. Results can be directly processed and stored. It pays to think carefully about the questions/statements. By cross checking the questions you will see that there are more possible outcomes than first presumed.

Through a video projection, you can also directly display the results on a monitor or projection screen.

With the aid of a chip card you can place “voting weights” on individual voters. For example in a shareholders meeting you can give extra weight to the vote of the president than to the votes of the other participants.

You can also easily make comparisons. If in the first question the participants are asked to confirm a specific attribute they have such as age or occupation, then the subsequent answers can be analysed by these categories.

Comparisons can also be made between answers, as the results for two questions can be simultaneously displayed in one graph. For example, you can ask the opinion of participants before and after a presentation. This makes it possible to assess the effect of the presentation in forming the opinion of the participants.

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