AV solutions: communication equipment

Create more Interaction

Do you wish to create more interaction during your congress or event? Do you need a voting system or do you just want to add some fun to your event?

To support the logistics and communication processes during events, ACS offers a wide selection of communication equipment. In this digital age there is the possibility to meet more often and create more interactions at events, meetings or conferences. Interactions can be used to achieve any number of outcomes.

In addition to modern communication technology, ACS also offers traditional communication material, in the form of poster and white boards. Our communication equipment includes conference and discussion systems, translation and interpretator systems, and interactive voting systems.

In addition, we supply complete presentation network set up for webcasting and digital signage through our IT partner Eventresult.

To add more interaction to your event, meeting or conference? Please contact us for more information.

Tour Sets & translation projects

ACS offers equipment for professional tours or translation projects. These Tour Sets work effectively in addressing a group of people even when there is background noise. This is an easy and user-friendly solution.

IVS voting systems

IVS stands for Interactive Voting System. It is used for electronic voting during business meetings and offers an effective way to actively involve the audience in a presentation.

TurningPoint voting

TurningPoint voting is used to vote electronically. The keypads are small and manageable and TurningPoint is made to work with PowerPoint.