Venues - ACS audiovisual solutions

Are you planning a conference or business event, and are you having trouble finding venues that meet your requirements? ACS audiovisual solutions can transform any venue into the perfect conference hall, complete with power supplies, audiovisual equipment and a tasteful décor.

We have years of experience building temporary rooms in venues of all sizes. Want to make sure your venue is up to the task? Our team will help you figure out the optimal plan and then put it into action. Contact ACS to explore the possibilities.


Temporary rooms provide superlative versatility

Are you hosting a conference for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of attendees? Do you need special lighting solutions and decorations for your event that match the colours of your corporate identity? Do you want your speakers to be visible and intelligible to your entire audience, and do you want every presentation to be recorded? Are you looking for ways to increase the capacity of your venue?

ACS provides the answer to all these questions. Over the years, we have provided complete audiovisual solutions to a wide range of venues. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to respond effectively to any request, regardless of the size of your event. If you’re looking for specific AV technology, our team is more than happy to advise. And thanks to our IT partner Eventresult, we can also provide comprehensive IT services on-site.

Naturally, these services aren’t limited to venues in the Netherlands. ACS has a large professional network and excellent logistical support. This enables us to provide AV solutions to many European venues, PCO’s and associations. Thanks to our experience abroad, we know the do’s and don’ts of international conferences and can handle the challenges posed by international venues.


Control every aspect of your venue with ACS

When you’re planning an event, you don’t want to have to worry about the quality of your venue or the reliability of your AV technology. After all, these are the things that should always work the way they need to.

Our team provides the services, equipment and professional attention to detail needed to ensure that everything will turn out the way you want it to. And thanks to our unique temporary rooms, you won’t have to limit your options when looking for suitable venues.

Our services are also extremely scalable. Whether you want to host a small business meeting or a massive conference with tens of thousands of visitors, we will make sure your audiovisual solutions are tailored to your specific situation. Thanks to our IT partner Eventresult, we can also provide a wide selection of innovative IT solutions, ranging from digital signage and presentation management to ePoster solutions.

Want a carefree event experience? Let ACS audiovisual solutions help you take care of the details.