Professional Congress Organizer (PCO)

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If you’re a professional conference organiser, you’ll know that arranging an event takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, ACS audiovisual solutions can make your life as a PCO a lot easier. We offer complete audiovisual solutions that incorporate the latest advances in AV technology, enabling you to arrange the technical infrastructure of any event with ease.

Are you looking for a high quality AV partner that knows what PCO’s need? Our audiovisual support will help you take your conferences and events to the next level. Get in touch with our team and discover what we can do for you.


Customised audiovisual solutions

Would you like to record your conference with cameras? Do you need microphones, headphones or tripods? Are you looking for lighting solutions with advanced control capabilities, such as dimmers and mixers? ACS has a wide range of audiovisual equipment and related materials in stock. Our extensive network and longstanding experience with PCO’s means we can deliver these solutions to your exact specifications almost anywhere in Europe.

In addition, ACS can also build temporary rooms to help optimise your venue and create the best possible space for your conference. We know that each PCO has a different approach to organising events, which is why we designed our AV services to be scalable. From lighting and sound systems to video projection and decoration – our AV solutions will always match your needs perfectly.

Thanks to our IT partner Eventresult, we are also able to provide innovative, integrated presentation management systems. No matter how many presentations your event will feature, we can ensure they run smoothly every single time.


Audiovisual excellence for PCO’s, hotels and businesses

Reliable audiovisual support isn’t just important for PCO’s. Hotels, associations, venues, and businesses – they all need access to audiovisual solutions they can depend on.

ACS understands what it takes to organise memorable events. Whether it’s a conference for many thousands of people or a corporate presentation for a select few, our know-how and expertise will make hosting your event considerably easier.

Want to know what ACS audiovisual solutions can do for you? Our experts are always happy to discuss the options with you. Get in touch!