An AV company on a mission

When you organize a conference, trade fair or other business event, it’s only fair to set high standards. After all, you want your visitors to have a unique experience, one that leaves a lasting impression and helps your message stand out in their minds for as long as possible. That’s why we believe our mission as an AV company is to do everything we can to help you achieve that goal.

ACS provides top-notch audiovisual solutions, along with everything that entails. From full-scale AV setups and custom IT systems to the technical and logistical infrastructure required to support them, we have everything you need to take your events to the next level. In addition, our expertise spans a wide range of event types – from smaller business events to major international conferences with tens of thousands of visitors.

Tailor-made AV solutions

Our AV company focuses on custom solutions. This means our approach is always informed by your needs and wishes, and our services are tailored to your specific goals. As a result, our solutions are as varied as they are versatile.

Do you want to divide a large, impersonal conference venue into a number of atmospheric, fully-furnished temporary rooms? Do you need integrated IT solutions such as electronic voting systems, presentation management systems and electronic communication systems for guided tours? Or are you simply looking for the best place to rent the video equipment you need to set up a livestream of your event? Whatever you need, ACS has you covered.

Continuous development and innovation

Our experience as an AV company has taken us to a wide variety of venues all across Europe. But it’s also given us an intimate understanding of what our customers really need: memorable, eye-catching solutions that work. That’s why we invest heavily in development and innovation – both to improve our existing products and develop new AV solutions.

We also like to take our service a little further than other AV companies might feel comfortable with. If the venue you want doesn’t have enough space, we can set up turn-key temporary rooms that match the style, tone and branding choices of your event. And should you need integrated IT solutions, we can provide those as well – in cooperation with our IT partner Eventresult. No challenge is too great. Do you want to open or close your event with something spectacular? Our creative content will help you give your audience an experience they’ll never forget.

So, if you’re planning to host an event and you need an AV company you can trust to get the job done, please feel free to get in touch with our team!