ACS sets new trend with innovative congress lighting

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ACS invested greatly in LED lighting recently. First of all, in conjunction with CLSled, a new robust LED spot was developed, using the knowledge and experience of ACS experts. Secondly, a large number of DTS Scena LED80 theater lights and profiles have been purchased at Full AVL Distribution. The lamps were used for the first time at the ESC (European Society of Cardiology) conference at the end of August. With around 33,000 participants, this is the largest medical conference in Europe.

Lighting for congresses is a strange thing. Unlike the theater world, where conventional lighting enjoys preference, congresses lean towards aspects like: reducing energy consumption, reducing costs and reducing footprint. Utilizing LED lighting, 80-90% savings on energy can be achieved compared to conventional light.

As of yet, ACS is the only AV company in the world that consciously made the choice to facilitate major congresses with LED instead of conventional lighting. For the ESC congress, 22 conference rooms that were especially constructed by ACS, were all provided with LED lighting. In total, over 500 lamps were required, all of which were simultaneously purchased.

“This was the time to make the investment. Not only are we the first player in the market that offers this, but we also show that we think in the best interests of our clients,” says Annemiek van Iersel, Manager International Projects of ACS. Despite the fact that this was a major investment, ACS will not incorporate this into ACS’s tariffs. The customer therefore optimally benefits from the low energy costs. The advantage for ACS itself is, besides a unique product and even more satisfied clients, that it also offers savings in both time and space. The lamps are more compact and space efficient, which is better for transport and also simpler in construction. For example, a series of lights are connected with just one lockable cable, whereas its predecessors require much more peripheral equipment and accessories. It therefore cuts like a double-edged sword!