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Children are the future

Every child in the world deserves a chance for a happy and healthy life, free from poverty, exploitation and violence. ACS would like to contribute to the happiness of underprivileged children and since 2011 sponsors the Peduli Anak Foundation which gives disadvantaged children in Indonesia a chance for a better future.

Peduli Anak Foundation

The Peduli Anak (Indonesian for ‘child care’) Foundation in addition to a school education teaches children ‘life skills’. Slowly they play again, care free children with fantasies and dreams that they themselves can actually realise. By getting the children back into contact with themselves, they develop confidence and self-esteem. They are taught to be responsible for their own lives and how to escape from the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

ACS supports a group of children with a financial contribution for their educational scholarships, which provides a place in Peduli Anak, and a chance for a better future!

For more information go to: www.pedulianak.org

We chose to support the Peduli Anak Foundation on the advice of Fair  Charity: http://faircharity.nl/mvo/acs-makes-a-difference/