Organisation - ACS audiovisual solutions

History of ACS

ACS was established in the 80’s as a department in Amsterdam RAI. ACS was, at that time, taking care of all technical activities in the RAI. The 90’s saw an increase in video technology for conferences, ACS supported this development by specialising in image (especially video projection) and sound.

At that time, the congresses that were organised in Amsterdam RAI began to grow in size, whilst the maximum room capacity remained at 1,700 persons. ACS developed a concept to build temporary rooms to accommodate these needs for more capacity. This development supported the growth of ACS & Projects to become a fully recognised department of Amsterdam RAI. From that moment on ACS showed a steady yearly growth, with an increasing amount of projects being assigned from outside Amsterdam RAI. In 1998 Avisco was bought. Avisco is a rental specialist of audio and visual equipment to hotels and congress centres. In 1999 ACS BV was founded, with Amsterdam RAI as major shareholder. In the same year Schaay Rotterdam was purchased (nowadays known as ACS Rotterdam).

In 2004, ACS became fully independent and changed its name to ‘ACS AV Company’. Jessica Ylstra became the managing director and owner. ACS has steadily grown in terms of turnover and number of clients. We are especially proud of the fact that throughout the years we have been able to maintain such a high level quality of our services. We owe this primarily to our skilled and experienced team and our extremely focussed company culture. To clearly define what ACS stands for; in 2007, we changed our name to ‘ACS audiovisual solutions’.

Specialist knowledge

Since 2005, there has been an increasing market demand for specialised IT solutions. ACS responded to these growing demands by expanding its IT department, until it was decided to create an independent IT company, as a specialist in the market.  On January 1st, 2012 Eventresult was established as an independent sister company of ACS, headed by Ben Buurke as Managing Director and co-owner. Eventresult is a specialist in the field of smart IT solutions for national and international conferences.

Our success

Small scale, flexible and maximum customer focus are the key elements to the success for ACS. This is why ACS maintains a number of smaller branch locations and an IT company Eventresult. This allows us to focus on more than one market segment or specialism at any time. Below you can find the contact information for our 5 branch locations and our IT company Eventresult.