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Smart IT solutions

Because we understand that AV and IT solutions can no longer be seen in isolation from each other, we work closely together with our IT partner Eventresult. Eventresult is a sistercompany of ACS and they are specialized in IT solutions for the convention and hospitality industry. One of the unique services offered by Eventresult is their so called Presentation Management System (PMS). With this service they offer support to speakers and organisation throughout the conference, including the upload and follow-up process. The modular design of the solutions makes it easy to fill in additional requirements such as webcasting, overflow an digital signage in a simple and cost effective way.


Quality services

Eventresult advises and supplies its services to many companies in the congress and hospitality industry and in close collaboration with ACS. Their professional and flexible team of specialists can support national and international organizations with the realistion of their conferences and events.

Eventresult has its own facilities and software, and is thus able to supply fast and in flexible way and offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

Stronger together

The combined forces of ACS and Eventresult allows us to offer an integrated strategy in which audio visual and IT solutions strengthen each other. This creates new and unique opportunities that better meet the needs of the visitors of your congress.

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